When choosing a patio door, you’re likely to pick between the two most popular options: a hinged door and a sliding glass door. And while you want a style that compliments the scheme and structure of your home or business, you also want to pick the investment that gives you the most functionality. Both options are customizable to best compliment your space, but here are four advantages to choosing a sliding glass door.

Make the Most of Your Space

Normal hinged doors swing open, which is ideal for moving furniture and opening up your entryway but not ideal for your everyday arrangement. When a hinged door swings open to the outside, for example, you lose all the exterior space taken up by the door’s wingspan — which means less room for seating and storage. Therefore, a sliding glass door is an ideal option when you’re working with a smaller space or simply want the freedom to use as much of your entryway as possible.

Experience the Outdoors

Sometimes, you want to let in a cool breeze without letting insects and animals in with it. Because virtually all configurations of sliding glass doors are compatible with screening, they allow you to easily ventilate your kitchen while cooking or experience the outdoor air right from your living room. Unlike sliding glass doors, hinged doors typically don’t come with the protection of a screen. So, when making a decision on a door for your home, consider the importance of keeping it open.

Let in the Natural Light

In addition to easily letting in fresh air, sliding glass doors allow natural light to pour into your home. This not only gives the illusion of more space, but it also creates a unique balance between the indoor and outdoor entryway. Although there are hinged door styles that feature larger panes, many traditional options feature gridded frames that block sunlight throughout the day.

Stay Within Your Budget

When compared to hinged doors such as traditional French doors, sliding glass doors are often offered at a more affordable starting price. Likewise, the installation costs for sliding glass doors range slightly lower than those for hinged French doors. And because sliding glass doors move inside an insulated frame rather than swing open and shut, it’s easier to create an airtight, energy-efficient seal that can save you even more money.

Sliding Glass Door Services in Central Florida

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits a sliding glass door can provide for your space, contact the team at Central Florida Glass. You choose the style and size, and our technicians will professionally install a sliding glass door to suit your home or business. And, if you need any repair services down the line, we offer complete pane replacement and same-day services for emergencies. To get an estimate for your project, give us a call at 407-873-8885 and schedule a free in-home consultation today.