A broken glass door is an inconvenient glass door. Whether your sliding glass door is snagging on its track or has a minor crack, a sliding glass door that isn’t serving you with ease needs to be replaced. Here are some of the different signs that a sliding glass door needs to be replaced so that you’ll know when to call an expert.

When Is It Time to Replace a Sliding Glass Door?

Spot the Cracks

One of the clearest signs that a sliding glass door needs to be replaced is if the glass has any cracks. No matter if the crack is minor or major, any amount of broken glass is unsafe. Fortunately, your local glass repair professionals will have the right tools and the expertise necessary to remove damaged glass and replace the panes.

Check the Temperature

One of the great things about sliding glass doors is that they can help you reduce your monthly heating and cooling bills. This is due to the insulated, airtight frame. However, your sliding door can’t serve this function if there is an unnecessary gap between your door and the frame. If you stand next to your sliding glass door and feel a draft, hot or cold, this is a sign that it is time to replace it. Another obvious sign is if you see water leaking in from your door during rainfall or if the glass panes fog up from trapped moisture.

Don’t Deal with a Struggling Track

Another sign that your door needs to be replaced is when it becomes difficult to open and shut. If you struggle to slide your door or it is constantly getting stuck, debris may have built up along the track and your slider or rollers may be damaged. Sliding glass doors are heavy, but fragile, so it’s best not to try and lift your sliding glass door off of its track on your own. To protect yourself and your glass, rely instead on the experienced glass experts at Central Florida Glass. They can properly inspect the track, clean the frame, and repair any damages using the right tools.

Call the Sliding Glass Experts of Central Florida

When it’s time to replace your sliding glass door, the team at Central Florida Glass will be there to help. As a full-service commercial and residential glass company, our experts will cater to the personal needs of your home or business. We have the necessary tools and expertise to efficiently repair or replace your sliding glass door and can provide the best service for a variety of other glass-related needs. To get an estimate and schedule your free in-home consultation, call us at 407-873-8885 today.