Windowpane replacement might sound easy enough to do on your own, but the necessary steps and the order in which you perform them will change as the type of glass and frame you’re working with changes. Let’s walk through the process of replacing the windowpane in a wooden frame.

How to Replace the Windowpane in a Wooden Frame?

Step 1: Gather Materials

Replacing glass is a hazardous task. Before you get started with windowpane replacement, you’ll first need to gather the necessary materials to keep you safe and help you complete the job, including:

• A tape measure
• Safety goggles
• Gloves
• A hammer
• Pliers
• A scraper
• A wire brush

Step 2: Order New Glass

Use a tape measure to identify the dimensions of the replacement windowpane you’ll need to order. Depending on the depth and shape of the frame, you may need to subtract a few millimeters from your measurement or have the glass trimmed into a specific shape.

Step 3: Remove Old Glass

Carefully remove the broken windowpane and grab any tinier pieces of glass stuck in the frame with pliers. Do not remove your protective gear until you’ve completely cleaned the area — consider using a vacuum to collect tiny shards. Safely discard shards and broken pieces by collecting them in a sturdy container.

Step 4: Scrape Away Debris

Preparing the frame for a new windowpane is a multi-step process. First, you’ll need to scrape away any remaining debris from the frame. Once the frame is clean, carefully heat the old bonding, or caulk, with a heat gun — this step may take some time. Scrape away the warm putty to reveal old glazing points, and carefully remove those as well.

Step 5: Replace the Glass

Apply a small bit of caulk in the groove where the glass edge will fit and smooth it out — do not apply a thick layer. Press the replacement windowpane into the frame and then insert new glazing points. You may want to install a new glazing point every six to 10 inches around the frame. Once you’ve set the new glazing points, apply and smooth putty or glazing sealant along the edges of the frame.

Central Florida Glass Repair for Broken Windows
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