Whether it happens because of a kid messing around with a baseball or an unseen rock being thrown by a lawnmower, it doesn’t take much to break window glass. However, replacing it on your own can be a tricky process if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Here are some of the tools and materials you’ll need to replace the glass as well as a few basic steps for changing glass in a broken window.

Glass Changing Tools and Equipment

Before attempting to swap out your broken window glass with new glass, be sure you have the proper tools to protect yourself. When dealing with glass, you’ll need:

  • Thick, heavy duty gloves
  • Professional heat gun
  • Wire brush
  • Linseed oil
  • Glazing compound
  • Tape measurer
  • Push points
  • Putty and application knife
  • Correctly measured pane of replacement glass

How to Change Glass in a Window by Following These Basic Steps

1. Remove the Remains – Out with the old, and in with new. Before you can put up new glass, you will have to get rid of the broken glass first. Be sure to put on some heavy gloves that will protect your hands from being cut by the glass and begin to carefully pull out the glass from the window. If you are having trouble removing some of the broken glass, grab a heat gun and warm the original glaze that held the old window.

2. Clean Up – After removing the broken glass, you’ll need to clean off the areas where the new glass will be put in. For older windows, use a small wire brush and a bead of linseed oil. This oil is going to help the wood bond with the new glazing compound you’ll have to apply. You’ll need to knead the glazing compound to before you can apply it. Practice until you can make it nice and thin, then apply the compound.

3. Precision Measuring – Precisely measure the dimensions area that needs to be glazed. This will ensure that the hardware store you get the glass from gives you the perfect amount. While you’re at the hardware store, be sure to also pick up some push points that you’re going to push into the sides of the muntin bars. If you’re replacing a small pane of glass, then you are only going to need two of them.

4. Putty Time – Now, you will need to apply to the putty. You’re going to smooth out your putty at an angle by holding the knife at an angle and doing it all in one motion. Feel free to paint the putty once it dries.


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